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ABOUT Don Conejo Designs

My name is Kenny and I am an African American Choctaw Pawnee from the US who is currently located in Montreal. I have enjoyed doing beadwork, crochet, and knitting for several years now. I have learned my techniques from all over and continue to strive to do better. My products are designed and crafted with intentionality and care. They are special and one of a kind with each bead and stitch carefully positioned to the one next to it, forming a unit.


My art, because that is what these products are, tells a story. Each piece tells a part of how I have been on a journey to reclaim my cultural heritage and to share it with the world. My story is meant to encourage you just as yours has elements to help me. We are meant to be interconnected. That is what Don Conejo Designs is about. The products are tangible expressions of our interconnectedness.  We are all better because of each other!

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